Baxter Dealership - Dealership Lied and wont talk to me

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We went to Baxter dealership and bought a Crysler mini-van, at that time the sales/financing guy said

that if we bought 2 vehicles we would get $10,000 advertising special bonus

off the top of the Dodge 2500. At the financing table I asked about that

and they said ya that has been already included. I went through the

paperwork again and all that is there is a $4500 rebate, and $3300 for my trade

in. I called and asked the sales/finacing guy and he stated that "well the

deal changed". I have been thinking about this for the last month since this

has happened and I wanted to express my disapointmnet with the way this

transaction took place. Basically the $10,000 that should have been

taken off the truck was not. It is disapointing that I have looked at

purchasing a Dodge ram for almost 15 years and that this was the way we were


I have talked to the Dodge main office and they have said it is the dealerships issue. I have sent an e-mail to the GM, and talked to the sales Manager with a I will get back to you responce, with no other contact from them.

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Baxter Auto is a rip off.Their web site the the van had 24,000 miles on it an when we were ready to purchase we found out that the van's actual miles were 28,000 miles.

That is false advertising. When I asked the sales person about the mileage they said they have no control over who drives the car after the miles were put on the web site.

What a rip off.:(

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